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Car Garage


Looking for a safe haven for your classic or exotic car? We offer top-tier storage services designed specifically to meet the needs of vintage car enthusiasts and collectors.

Our storage facility is more than just a garage—it's a sanctuary for automotive treasures. With a climate-controlled environment and battery trickle services, your classic car will be shielded from the elements year-round and kept in pristine condition.

At Premier Classic Cars, we understand the importance of your classic car collection. Our commitment to your classic extends beyond mere storage. With round-the-clock security and access control measures, you can rest assured that your classic car is under constant protection.

Moreover, our technicians are on hand to assist with any additional services you may require, from regular maintenance checks to detailing and preservation treatments.

Perhaps the most important benefit of storing your car indoors is the protection it provides from humidity, extreme temperatures, rodents, mold, and environmental disasters.

secure, climate-controlled indoor car storage


Per Month

Includes battery trickle and one (1) maintenance start-up


Storage can be paid up front

or charged on a monthly basis.


Spring Commissioning*

Full Vehicle Detail



*Spring commissioning includes a standard oil change, fluid check, tire pressure check, road test, and accessory operations check.

Interested in storage?

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Optional Storage Services

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