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The Benefits of Indoor Storage

Perhaps the most important benefit of storing your car indoors is the protection it provides from humidity, extreme temperatures, rodents, mold, and environmental disasters. By storing your car in a dry, climate-controlled area, you will help prevent avoidable rust and lessen the need for costly repairs.

Your car will also avoid the salt and snow on the roads in winter and prolonged sun exposure during summer. Salt and snow can cause rust issues that will affect not only your car's paint job but its structural metal as well; extremely cold temperatures can even kill your car's battery. Prolonged sun exposure can lead to cracked vinyl, interior discoloration, and faded paint; excessive heat can cause engine hoses and seals to crack. Even morning dew can be harmful in speeding up the rust process.

Regular maintenance during any storage period is essential. Routine oil changes and fluid checks can extend the life of your engine, while maintenance start-ups can help keep your engine internals in tip-top shape. Periodically moving your stored car will also ensure the tires do not unnecessarily deflate and distort. Adding a car cover can add further protection from regular dust particles.

Bonus value to storing your car at a restoration shop: on-site repairs and customizations!

If you ever need to get work done or want to freshen up the paint on your classic car while it is in our storage facility, we can take care of that for you.

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