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Paint and Finish Specialist

Job Type


About the Role

A classic car paint and finish specialist is an expert in painting the exteriors and interiors of vintage and classic vehicles.

Responsibilities typically include:
- color matching (accurately matching the original colors of classic cars, often working with limited color codes and resources; accurately matching custom colors on cars)
- surface preparation (preparing the vehicle’s surface for painting by cleaning, sanding, and priming to ensure a smooth, even finish)
- paint application (applying paint using various techniques, such as spraying or hand-painting, to achieve the desired finish and appearance)
- clear coating and polishing (applying clear coats to protect the paintwork and enhance its appearance; polishing to achieve a high-gloss, show-quality finish)
- paint repair (repairing paint damage, including chips or scratches, by blending the repair and fresh color seamlessly with the surrounding paintwork)
- custom finishes (creating custom paint jobs; might include intricate designs, pinstriping, or adding graphics)


Must have own tools.

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