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Bodywork Specialist

Job Type


About the Role

A classic car body technician is an expert in repairing, restoring, and fabricating the exterior components of vintage and classic vehicles, everything from the doors to the bumper and roof.

Responsibilities typically include:
- repairing damage (repairing dents, scratches, and other damage to the vehicle’s exterior, using techniques such as metalworking, welding, and body filler application)
- rust and corrosion removal (treating and removing rust and corrosion from the vehicle’s body, using methods such as sandblasting, chemical treatments, or hand tools to ensure a clean and rust-free surface for repairs to be carried out)
- panel replacement / sheet metal fabrication (replacing entire panels or fabricating custom parts to match the original design; may include body panels, brackets, or structural components)
- welding and metal repairs (welding, brazing, or soldering to ensure that repairs are strong, durable, and visually consistent with the original design
- alignment and fitment (ensuring that body panels, doors, bonnets, and other components are properly aligned and fit together seamlessly)
- preparing for paint (may include sanding, priming, and applying body fillers to achieve a smooth, flawless finish)


Must have own tools.

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